Ensuring Better Bargain

Bestwood offers several benefits over wood, in terms of attributes and cost. Having consistent cell structure and bond strength helps Bestwood score this edge.

comp table

For ease of craft and aesthetic qualtiy, Bestwood can be custom ordered in a range of vibrant premium quality colours as listed below


Glue It Right

Bestwood PVC boards can be attached to each other or wood/laminates/veneers to render additional strength and thickness if your application demands so. In order to gain perfect finish and durability when doing so, we recommend the following ahesives.
For attaching Bestwood boards to each other:
Fevicol Solvent Cement or Sunflex -0884 PVC Solvent Cement

For attaching Bestwood boards to Wood/Laminates/Veneers/Mica:
Fevicol Heatx or Sunflex – 062

Bestwood can also be used as a base board for lamination with mica, veneer or any other material so as to ensure additional strength and protection against warping


Bestwood is offered in the international standard dimension measuring 8 feet X 4 feet. Owing to the state of the art manufacturing facilities at Polyon Industries, Bestwood PVC Foam Boards can be custom ordered in a thickness range varying from 3 to 25 mm, within which, densities ranging from .45 g/cc to .60 g/cc are also available. This unique advantage of Bestwood that you can get Boards of your preference hassle free within the shortest duration. Bestwood will match the exact specifications that your application demands.

      • Best to Cut
      • Best to Saw
      • Best to Shear
      • Best to Punching
      • Best to Drill
      • Best to Mill
      • Best to Rivet
      • Best to Screw into
      • Best to Paint on
      • Best to Print on
      • Best to Photo Mount on
      • Best to Bend and Adaot
      • Best to Engrave upon


Bestwood is a highly eco-friendly material as it does not involve cutting of trees and usage of harsh chemicals. Moreover Bestwood can be recycled and reused time and again unlike Plywood, MDF or even wood to certain extend. This ensures that Bestwood greatly saves on money and resources.