Flame Resistant

Arrest Termite attacks

Immune to Moitsure

Immune to Chemicals

Residential Interiors

Bestwood offers customized foam boards that are beneficial to beautiful and efficient kitchen cabinets, bedroom cupboards, bathroom & wash cabinets

Commercial Interiors

Bestwood has the finest properties suitable for making partitions, wall panelling, cloth cabinets, furniture & cash counters

Promotional Utility

Bestwood is extremely durable, light weight and weather resistant making it perfect for crafting exhibition stalls, event decor, signage, billboards so on


Available in choicest densities and colours,being moisture and corrosion reistant, Bestwood is highly preferred for all infrastructural purposes

Insulation & Paneling

Due to great insulation capabilities, good acoustic effects and ability to withstand heat and moisture, Bestwood’s products are good choices for paneling & insulation